Need to remove bad reviews on Yelp? Google? Anywhere? If you’re looking to get or suppress negative links in search engines, you’ve come to the right place. We are the only ones who guarantee our work, or you could sue us for breach of contract.

Don’t fall for the fake ‘reputation defender’ with it’s fake reviews.

Welcome! You ended up here because you need a link removed from Google search (or Bing search, etc) and it’s negatively impacting you or your business. Removing negative links is according to everyone, is impossible. In fact, anyone claiming to be into Reputation Management, is generally running a scam.

We however, run a business. We do not seek BBB accredidation as of now, but when we do it will be an A+ rating, as we guarantee our work, with legal contracts.

We remove

  • Arrest Reports
  • News Articles
  • Mugshots
  • Bad Reviews
  • Personal Information
  • Embarrassing Photos, Links, etc
  • Personal Information

And anything else that can pop up in search, and hurt you or your company.

Our pricing

All of our pricing is transparent, however each individual case varies, and removing more than one link deeply discounts our prices. But our prices are so up front, here they are:

  • Single Link Removal Page 1 – $7,500
  • 2 Link Removal Page 1 – $10,500
  • 3 Link Removal Page 1 – $12,500
  • Additional Links – $1,500 each

We have an official contract, which says if we do not deliver within the timeframe specified, you get 66% of your money back, and any work we did do (such as partial removals and suppression to page 2 or 3 for example) stays, and you can pick up where we left off with someone more competent (We have never had to give money back, we simply don’t take jobs that are impossible to remove)


We also offer suppression services for those who have un-removable links. Possibly because your budget is a bit lower than our link removal service, or possibly because the link is just too close to the top, blocking links getting in your way, so instead of seeing your Facebook or LinkedIN they see an arrest story, and you would prefer it be on page 2, so it’s mostly out of site. Not many searches even get to page 2 (less than 10%) so suppression is an option for many people.

We do not remove or suppress competition links, that is a separate service offered by one of our partners, and is focused on SEO, SEM, and online marketing, and brand imaging. We will not for example remove a link to a normal page that you would like removed, for example a LinkedIN page for someone else. We remove only negative links, in which the only harm the link causes is to the client, not removing your competition from appearing in search, for example.


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